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Hello Travel Addicts!

I’m so glad that you’ve found my website!   Are you ready for customized, small group travel trips to exotic locations?

I’m not a travel agent or tour operator.  I call myself a “Travel Addict” because I’m passionate about travel and love putting trips together. Working with a tour operator, whose business it is to package trips, we’ll organize guides where needed, transportation to and from airports and trains, etc.

I’ve been traveling overseas since 1971, and lived in London from 1979 to 1981.  After successfully organizing a trip in 2002 to Provence, Paris & Italy with friends, in 2005 I organized another trip to Provence & Paris, renting a house in Uzes.  Since then I’ve returned several times to Provence & Paris (in case you haven’t noticed it’s my favorite trip –  I love France).  I’ve also brought groups to Tanzania on safari, the Greek Islands, Egypt & Jordan, Tuscany, Rome, and China.

My goal has been to travel to places that I’d love to go to, and I look for people who “play well with others” and are flexible who want to join these travel adventures.  I love showing people different parts of the world and new cultures.  I hope you’ll be traveling with me in 2016.  Check out the Upcoming Trips link on the side or at the bottom of the page.

Travel and Music

I’ve also begun combining travel with my favorite music (folk, blues).  In 2011 we organized a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands with three musicians – “Beaucoup Blue,” “Don White” and “Johnsmith.”  There were 72 of us in that group on the Norwegian Pride of America.  It was a wonderful trip and I’ve gotten great feedback from people in the group.

In 2012 and 2013 I worked with Don White, who is a well-known Boston folk musician/comedian, and our Irish tour guide to spend nine days in Counties Cork, Kerry & Clare, Ireland listening to some great music with Don and some local Irish musicians, as well as enjoying music in the pubs.   The trips were fabulous.  There were 25 in the first group and 19 in the 2013 trip.   We had great food, wonderful local beer, amazing local music and a Don White concert.    I had planned a trip in early August of 2016 with another musician, but unfortunately, that trip had to be canceled.   I’m hoping to put together another trip to Ireland in 2017, but probably won’t know details for another few months.

Why should you travel with us instead of a travel agent?

My groups are typically small, usually 10 to 12 people (maximum 16).  I do my best to create congenial groups.  My trips usually allow for some spontaneity at times to make some changes in our plans.  While I can’t compete with the prices of some of the big companies, I do my best to make my trips affordable and a good value for the money.    My trips are best suited for people who prefer independent travel versus trips with the big companies.   They do a great job, but personally, I enjoy traveling with much smaller groups and having more time to coordinate my own activities.

Groups consist of mostly singles and some couples, all age 45+.  Many of my fellow travelers are married women whose husbands are not eager to travel outside of the US.  The rest of the groups consist of a few single men and many single women who have always wanted to travel but their friends don’t have the money, or don’t want to go on the trip they’d love to take.  I usually arrange for people to share rooms so that they don’t have to pay a single supplement, unless they choose.  New friendships develop among the travelers on my trips, and I often get ideas of new places to discover from my new travel buddies.  Consequently, many have traveled with me numerous times.  I hope you will be joining me soon!

Adventures in Paris!   

I’ve now added Paris to our portfolio of exotic locales.  I brought several groups to my favorite city in September 2014 and  September 2015.  I’ll be organizing a one-week trip in October 2016 to the City of Light to introduce you to some fabulous off-the-beaten-path experiences as well as all the wonderful sites that Paris has to offer.   You’ll have plenty of unstructured time, and you’ll be staying in your own apartment to really experience “living” in Paris.  I’ll do all the planning for you and you’ll have all the fun.  Check out  ADVENTURES IN PARIS 2015    to see what we’ve included in this exciting adventure!!!

Hope you can join me on my next trip to Paris!!!

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Upcoming trips


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Looking forward to hearing from you soon!!       – Eileen